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"Hair is my Story"

Hair is My Story!

“One thing that inspires me the most about a design is its power to be a language which touches different people. I believe that natural, coloured, shaved or tamed, real or fake, all hair and haircuts are a statement in favour of diversity and against standardization. Notion of bad or good hair is a reality that needs to be challenged through controversy” – Ali 

Meena Ali, Managing Director

Makeup is Art, Beauty is Spirit

I joined Ali Teiseen as a Makeup Artist right after I did my diploma in SFX from Cinema Makeup School, Tehran, Iran. In addition to managing Ali Teiseen day to day operations, I had the opportunity to launch “Makeup Services” showcasing our strong foundation rooted in both international training and the heart of the local entertainment industry. Whether it’s a glamorous red carpet appearance or a transformational movie scene, we take pride in our ability to bring imaginations to life with precision and creativity.\”

Meena Ali.

Alireza - Creative Director

Every colour tells a story

As a former STEM student, my journey took an unexpected turn when I crossed paths with Ali Teiseen, soon igniting a love for the craft. What began as an endeavour to learn and connect, quickly evolved into a passion and cultivated over a decade of experience in this field. Drawing from my engineering background, I approach hair as an art of precision and system, where science meets artistry, producing emotionally enriching transformations. I thrive on merging technical finesse and boundless creativity, understanding hair as a canvas to express style, mood, and individuality. Every cut and colour tells a story!