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Mehndi Look

Mehndi look is a vibrant and colorful bridal look traditionally associated with the Mehndi ceremony, which is a pre-wedding celebration in many South Asian cultures. The Mehndi look is often characterized by bright and festive makeup, intricate henna designs on the hands and feet, and colorful attire.

Mehndi Look

Mehndi looks often feature vibrant and colorful eye makeup. Bright eyeshadow shades like oranges, pinks, blues, and greens are popular choices.

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Mehndi Look



we pride ourselves on being highly educated across all aspects of Hair.

Ali Teiseen started with a mission to provide the best possible quality of hair services using high quality products in a private, relaxing and comfortable ambience as a part of the luxury salon experience to its guests.

We offer four levels of experience and skill which reflects our hairstylist’s skillset and qualification level. All of our haircuts include a consultation, shampoo, condition, and blow dry.

Be pampered by a massage using warm blend of aromatic oils. Your skin is nourished as the therapist applies a fruit body scrub infused with vitamin-rich vanilla. The body scrub that follows uses pure saffron of Persia, which calms irritated skin and prevents clogged pores.